Like The Morning Sun Does

by Stereo Moon

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released February 12, 2005




Stereo Moon Oshawa, Ontario

Using Good Vibrations and SMiLE as a starting point, STEREO MOON brings you "The Shape Of Psych To Come". Soon to be followed up by the LP "Smoking Shake By The Riverside" (recording in progress as of Autumn 2016).

STEREO MOON is Writer, Producer and Arranger Emm Smith with instrumental and recording embellishments by Bruce Mackinnon (New Grease Revival) and Jon Sloan (Hairy Holler).
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Track Name: I Would Dream For You
I'd dream for you
So let me take you through
To the other side
Where we'll get high
We'll eat some 'shrooms
Then we'll take a walk
then we'll get lost

Have you been here before
If so show me more
I can float with the floor
I couldn't before you

A voyage to the moon
In hot air balloons
And if you blow away
Then I would stay
I'd search for you
'till I found you
Cause I want to feel
How you always feel
Track Name: Screaming For Life
You don't know a thing about
And even if you had figured it out
You always seem to be laughing out loud

And you think that it's so beautiful
But you don't know it could be dangerous
And there is even more
For you in store

Play with dirt you get mud in your eye
Think you're a bird but you can't fly
Nobody hears you screaming for your life
For your life
Track Name: Read Between The Lines
Let me sail through the air and stare and hide
These words allow us to go and spy

And if you read between the lines
Then the story takes a turn
And you don't wanna get burned
Because it takes too long

Step aside and see the journey pass you by
And if you try I'll let you die
Track Name: Everybody Love Someone
Everybody grab someone
Everybody love someone
Tell your friends just anyone
You got to share with everyone
Track Name: Aphrodite
Smoke the grass that we have scored
Throw you heart out on the dirty floor
Stick you head out from the car window
Let the breeze calm and clense your soul

Aphrodite will let you know
When it's time to cure your soul
I don't think that you could ever be full
Go smoke another bowl

Watch the blades of grass as you drive by
Look up and swallow the moon
If you happen to swallow a bug
Wait until your friend gives you a hug
Track Name: Never Thought
I don't like you but maybe I do
And maybe that's why I'm still dreaming of you
I never thought that I needed you
I must have lied cause I really do

I'm watching you flying in my head
I'm watching you coming down

When you're around I know that I could die
With thoughts of you flying through the sky
But that was back in the summer time
And now you are with another guy

I'm watching you falling in the sky
I'm watching you coming down
I'm watching you falling in my mind
I'm watching you coming down
Track Name: Grow Up
When you were just a little kid I'm sure you wish that you'd grow up
Mother Mother can you give us some line so me and my friend can go to the pond
Mother Mother we took some rings so me and my friend can go to the pawn shop
Mother Mother you better come down to the 23rd precinct and come bail me out
please post bond

When you were just a little kid I'm sure you wish that you'd grow up
But you don't want to grow up
Track Name: Warm Smile
I would rather sleep on your floor
Then to sleep on that dreaded porch I know
I never really liked that porch
I know you can't stand it anymore
I know

I won't let you fall
I won't let you fall no more

I am here to cheer you up
And to bring you better luck I hope your home
Just show me that warm smile
The one that warms me up so
Track Name: Green Carpet
Green carpet hanging from
Balcony is rotting so
We won't go there we'll go and
Walk through the fields and

I know you're falling
Four trains colliding and I feel nice
Dead armour is raining
And I hope it doesn't end too soon

Really your lying in
Tall flowers blooming with
Purple Petals which
Send you swirling
Track Name: Mushrooms
As we float as free as weed
When it's time that we're freed
Everbody lets go find
A space that's full of beautiful

All koo koo koo
On 'shroom 'shroom 'shrooms

Zolty zolty zippity dippity
Zippity dippity doo da day
Everything is going fine
And absolutely out of mind

All koo koo koo
Must be must be something new
In the 'droom 'droom 'droom

Baker baker bakers men
Give me all the mixing clues
That glue the mind and body soul
Until we're through let's shoot the breeze

All koo koo koo
On 'shroom 'shroom 'shrooms
Track Name: Sunny Window
Should I take a long walk
Stuck inside a long while
Everyone out there's happy
Through my sunny window

It's noon

Got to get up early
To plan my day
If I don't rise and shine
The day will waste away
Track Name: Junie Moon
All the dishes left on the counter top
Mostly covered in dirt and coffee mugs
Something tells me nothing will ever be going my way
When taken hostage by the junie moon

It's no fun

Draw the smoke into your mouth and let it out
Packages of cigarettes will decorate the room
Cut my foot on the ocean floor it's a tidal gore
Think it's finally time that I get over this girl

Sunny days are coming my way
On a trip keeps the boy insane
My guitar well it's so near
Got me through most of this last year
Track Name: Assassin
I'm gonna throw you on a landmine
So I can watch you blow up to pieces
Then I'm gonna throw you to the lions
I can watch them eat you up now
I'm gonna climb up to the mountains
I can look down and laugh at them
I wish I didn't have a conscience
Then I'd blow them all away
I'm gonna hire an assassin
So that he can take you out
Then he's gonna give me the bodies
I can look down and laugh at them
I wish I didn't have a conscience
Then I'd blow them all away
Track Name: Smoke Filled The Park
Come on everybody lets smoke weed in the park
Don't matter much to me if you come from out of the dark
You can join in you can even add to the pot
Put it all together and seed if what we got is enough

Follow your nose we're counting on you

Come on everybody lets all get on the bus
Where we end up your guess is good as is mine
Another destination another place we can have fun
A magic carpet ride or a green carpet hanging is fine
Track Name: 8 O'clock
Woke up at eight this morning
Took my ticket and started listening
Two hours for my eyes to open
That's when I think I saw you

And you were just as
Screwed up like me
You had a rough last night
But I'm sure that you'll get by

Had a sweater and I pulled it over
Your body is looking for answers
Looking out for my twisted sister
That's when it finally hit me
Track Name: Someone New
I feel blue
Over someone new
Walking it down
Onto the stream
I'm alright
For awhile
I feel safe in my room

Your face
Is beautiful
Your face
Etched into my mind
Go and fly
And you and me'll get high
Together with her
In the sky

I feel blue
Over someone new
Track Name: Socket Song
I'm not gonna be one of those groupies
I just want to listen to the songs
In the basement playing your guitar

Cause all I ever wanted was
A chance to jam with you
And make records like you do

I feel fuzzy in all kinds of weather
The warmth inside comes along with you
And I hope it's just not alone

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